We’re treated to some smooth and marbled deep house from Los Angeles producer Lawrence Black on his remix of “Trinity” by Forrest (pictured above), which he crafted for the growing Amadeus label. A Dirtybird-style bassline, fat and full of hip-swerving momentum, sends “Trinity (Lawrence Black’s 4AM Mix)” along a moody trajectory toward the introspective end of the dancefloor, as cascades of conversational snippets and an inhuman, droning voice lurk in the distance. The track’s breakdown introduces a snaking-yet-lethargic arpeggio that serves to highlight a hauntingly lonesome refrain just before the bass thuds return for one last jaunt. After the jump, you can take a look at a teaser video for Forrest’s forthcoming Trinity / Don’t Forget Forrest EP (out digitally now), as well as the artwork and a short mix previewing the release.

Trinity (Lawrence Black Remix)