Budding Liverpool beatmaker SertOne (who recently appeared in our Downloads section) is preparing to release a new EP under his CL Moons alias next week. To help spread the word of the footwork-oriented project’s debut outing, the producer has sent along H-SIK‘s remix of “Trippin,” the forthcoming 1992 EP’s lead track. On his rework, the Dutch producer strips back the rush of rhythms used in Cl Moons’ original, electing to instead focus on a pulsating bassline, buzzing synth stabs, and only the most efficient layers of sharp percussion. Featuring five ravey, footwork-indebted originals and four remixes (including H-SIK’s featured here), CL Moons’ 1992 will see an official release via the Cosmonostro label on August 11.

Trippin (H-SIK Remix)