The kind of injured electro-soul that Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard seems to create while barely batting an eyelash is another ideal soundscape to pair with Ghostpoet’s own lovelorn essence. On this remix for Dels‘ (picture above) new single, “Trumpalump,” the well-matched pair have a go at recreating the bombastic number in their own images. While Ghostpoet switches out Dels’ flow for his own take on the personal verbiage, Goddard works out a somber, head-nodding beat with some touching Rhodes flourishes, a lulling bass melody, and a few ethereal harmonies that rise and fall in either ear. He sings the chorus, too, and it sounds just as heartfelt as anything he’s done with his main musical outlet. We certainly wouldn’t mind hearing more from this great collaboration.

Trumpalump (Joe Goddard Remix Feat. Ghostpoet)