After recent, massive contributions to Black Acre’s and Trax Couture’s respective catalogues, Tsunga is back to flex its versatility and ferociousness yet again, this time courtesy of the forward-thinking Montreal-based electronic label Infinite Machine. On September 25, Tsunga released an EP lovingly dubbed Schlangbanger, an un-earthly record that is comprised of a clangorous, industrial cocktail of outlier musicianship and ordered chaos. The four track EP of deviant dance music finishes with the cut “Hugo(‘s) Bo$$,” that, while less streamlined for the dancefloor, still shows Tsunga’s manifold talents for composing acid, infused with electro and rave hardcore alike. The track has all the rave particles you’ve come to expect from a label like Infinite Machine, while also swirling around a nuclear reaction of heavy bass lines and spiraling hi-hats. You can pick up a copy of Schlangbanger by visiting the Infinite Machine Bandcamp page, and you can find out more about Tsunga by visiting him on Soundcloud.

Hugo(‘s) Bo$$