Last week, Serbian imprint Svetlana Industries offered up a free label sampler called Come On Lets Go. Belgrade doesn’t exactly seem like a hotspot for beat music, but the label has put together an impressive collection of tunes, including selections from Teebs, 1000names, 8Bitch, and a slew of other dudes you likely haven’t heard of but undoubtedly have a bajillion friends on Facebook and are quietly running the file-sharing, message-board-posting game. (That’s just how this scene operates, right?) Anyways, you can download the entire compilation here, or just start with “Turbines” from young UK producer Jackhigh (a.k.a. Bnjmin a.k.a. Singing Statues). The track is founded upon some basic boom-bap, but what makes it shine is the song’s fuzzy melody, which seems to be constructed of some light synths and a single vocal snippet looped about 1000 times. It’s simple yet effective.