Brian Foote, who is making his 100% Silk debut on February 11 as Leech, has been a noble fixture in left-field, ambient IDM projects: He had a long stint as Nudge, has done production work for both Zola Jesus and Grouper, and helps with operations at the longstanding Chicago indie label Kranky. Now, Foote transitions to an acid-soaked project that throws all of his influences at the wall, damned if they stick or not. Feature here, “Tusks” is the lead cut and title track from his upcoming four-track EP, a production which refuses to settle into the pocket of any one genre. Combing the edges of deep house and acid jazz, Leech’s tune is united by a string of thumping kicks and propulsive ride cymbals, making for a psychedelic whirlwind of house and techno that feels all too brief despite its eight-minute runtime.