Working with the same kind of funky basslines, punching dance beats, and filter washes of the French Touch greats, 18 year-old Christoph Andersson crafted the first single from his forthcoming self-titled EP for the New Orleans-based TKVR label. The track is called “Tuxedo,” and it has a sole purpose: to make you dance. Thankfully, Andersson is thoughtful in the creation of his groove-demanding tune. Not only is a strong and ecstatic melody at the front and center of “Tuxedo,” the many elements that create its catchy hooks are made of lovingly sampled, cleanly chopped, and painstakingly orchestrated sounds that all work simultaneously toward the collective goal. And especially for a kid who’s barely out of high school, that’s no small accomplishment.

The Christoph Andersson EP will be available on November 13.