Classically inclined Berlin three-piece Brandt Brauer Frick has a premise that borders on novelty—eschewing laptops, samplers, drum machines, and synths in favor of crafting techno with orchestral instruments. The outfit’s three members—who earlier this year released the well-received Miami LP via !K7—have overseen a compilation for their own imprint, The Gym, calling it Muscle Tuff. The record is premised on the idea of creating workout music, and as the press release notes, “proves that gym aficionados can be melancholic and deeply existentialistic, meditating on the world’s serious issues while gently pumping iron.” Brandt Brauer Frick’s own contribution, “Two in a Bush,” exhibits a canny organicism, and more than a hint of scuffed, driving percussion. Before Muscle Tuff drops on September 2, clips of the entire record can be found after the jump.

Two in a Bush