Hailing from the UK, the artist known as Two Legs started his musical career playing in a variety of Indie bands before moving to Bristol and “catching the dance music bug” as so many do. Drawing much of his inspiration from artists such as DJ Koze, Caribou, Benoit & Sergio, and David August, Two Legs has dedicated himself to the creation of shivery and nebulous grooves that fit right at home with the styles of the above mentioned producers. A relatively new artist, Two Legs is set to release his debut EP, Like Birds, on December 4 (tomorrow) and has been kind enough to offer up his track “Want To” as today’s XLR8R download.

Bringing his previous indie influences over to his electronic productions, vocals remain the focus of Two Legs’ music. The lyrics that are found in his music are deeply personal and “Want To” deals with his fear of being alone whilst “still trying to play it cool and not wanting the other party to think that you’re missing them.” According to the producer, “these inner-contradictions and muddled feelings are reflected in the refrain ‘Can’t catch me now if you want to/I’ll lock up my heart if you will do/I hope you do’.”

You can download the track “Want To” from Two Legs‘ forthcoming debut in the player below and be sure to check out what else this burgeoning artist has in store by following him on Soundcloud here.

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Want To