Hailing from the middle of NYC producer Lamin Fofana‘s recent First Symphony EP, “Two-Spirit” is an acutely focused track. Spanning over five minutes, the production places a sci-fi thump beneath detailed layers of electronic haze. Eventually, faint keys and a whispered conversation begin to seep through the fog, as the track’s rhythmic pulse continues unaffected, digging deeper and deeper as “Two-Spirit” moves through its run. Released via Fofana’s own Sci-Fi & Fantasy label earlier this month, the official release party for the man’s First Symphony EP is set to go down this Saturday in NYC, where the producer will be joined by Max McFerren and L’estasi Dell’oro (more info here). In addition to the free download of “Two-Spirit” below, Fofana’s First Symphony EP can be streamed in full after the jump.