This track comes courtesy of Eliot Lipp and Chicago rapper vyle., the product of a collaboration they’re calling Auburn. vyle. manages the tricky task of spitting about both high-end street fashions and the simple joys of a city block’s verandah. All of this is backdropped by the futuristic, blown-out synths of Lipp’s production, bringing to mind the inimitable, El-P-produced Cannibal Ox. Lipp and vyle. have spent the last few years collaborating on various tracks together, but Auburn is now an official project, one that seems to draw on the tensions between a streamlined digital fantasy world and a sometimes unforgiving urban reality. Out January 11 as a maxi-single with the b-side “Arrivals/Departures (Pyramid Angle),” “Ultamodern Verandah” is available now for free.

Ultramodern Verandah