Norway’s Dødpop label has been at the forefront of the funky, synth-driven music called skweee since its inception in 2008. Now, three years later, the imprint gathers together its handful of 7″ releases to be reissued on the forthcoming compilation Dødpop: A’s & B’s. Oslo producer Sprutbass contributes “Ulykke”—from a split 45 with fellow Norwegian Beatbully—to that record, which we also have to share with you today. The playful track has an almost comically, not to mention cosmically, sinister vibe, almost like you can picture the tunesmith grinning ear to ear in a not-so-maniacal way while he drops the crunchy synth fragments and skittering beat work of his production. It’s a welcome change of mood, as opposed to the über-seriousness often plaguing artists with a similar sound pallette. We’ll see if the rest of Dødpop: A’s & B’s will follow in suit when it drops on February 25.