The debut full-length from the nostalgically inclined Nashville duo Jensen Sportag is officially on its way, and while we first got word of the pair’s Stealth of Days LP for Cascine when its “Bellz” tune popped up back in July, we now have all of the record’s juicy details. Artists Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig have also offered another free track from their debut long-player, further enticing listeners with “Under the Rose,” a cut which shows off Jensen Sportag’s smoother side. Dreamy chords and, of course, a touch of slap bass fill out the R&B-flecked piece of electronic pop, which will drop along with the rest of Stealth of Days on November 12. Before then, the artwork and tracklist for Jensen Sportag’s upcoming album can be perused after the jump.

01 Rain Code
02 Six Senses
03 Light Through Lace
04 Falling Doves
05 After Gardens
06 Hidden, Hunted
07 Bellz
08 Under The Rose
09 Blue Shade
10 Blood Hourglass

Under the Rose