London blog-cum-label Transparent recently dropped its 27th release, a two-song, limited-edition 7″ by Canadian outfit Purity Ring. That record’s a-side is remixed here by Luxembourg producer Sun Glitters (who you may remember him from our post earlier this week, and is pictured above), who cuts up “Ungirthed” into manageable pieces of vocal hooks, synth melodies, and atmospheric textures, rearranging it all into a somber soundscape that swells and wavers underneath his slow, smashing beat. Even though everything is obviously chopped into oblivion on this production, the pop-leaning mood of Purity Ring’s original song remains intact—giving Sun Glitter’s remix the feel of a sort of ‘alternate version’ rather than the kinds of more drastic reimaginings we’re used to.

Ungirthed (Sun Glitters Remix)