Moscow based Uninc & Kolomensky started DJing together while at the city’s ИДА party. After some experiments with production, they decided to join forces to work together as production and DJ duo. The guys were responsible for bringing many artists to Moscow, including Chaos In The CBD, Fantastic Man, Mehmet Aslan, DJ Boring, Borrowed Identity, Kornel Kovacs, and many more, all the while making parties in some of the most famous Moscow venues like Denis Simachev Bar, Powerhouse, Swan Lake, etc.

After a first Uninc & Kolomensky EP on Hell Yeah Recordings, there’s now set to be a follow up continuing as the duo showcase their eclectic and sometimes unpredictable style of combining unusual sounds into one track. Muffin EP consists of two tracks where U&K melt chunky beatdown from outer space, Kingston vibes, and west-coast house sensibilities all under one roof.



In support of the release, you can download “Muffin” via the WeTransfer button below.