London-based producer Raffertie, who will be releasing a new EP via Ninja Tune on February 6, lends his efforts on this track, a remix of “Unite Us” by Australian synth-pop duo PNAU. The original tune is a revoltingly sweet anthem by the same man who brought you hits like “Walking on a Dream” with his other project, Empire of the Sun. But this remix is anything but a listener-friendly, radio-ready sing-a-long. In fact, the original is completely indistinguishable as part of Raffertie’s experimental sonic collision, which begins with jumbled percussion before dropping into a flurry of bass, insidious droning, and vocals played backwards (although there are no Satanic messages, as far as we can tell). Raffertie’s warped version of “Unite Us” will appear alongside remixes by Douster and Savage Skulls, Kris Menace, Wookie, and others when the single (artwork above) comes out on February 19 through Ministry of Sound.

Unite Us (Raffertie Remix)