The Tonik Ensemble is in fact the brainchild of Anton Kaldal Ágústsson, an Icelandic producer and musician who enlists a number of collaborators to aid him in seeing through the completion of his hybrid electronic compositions. Today, Ágústsson and company’s latest release has arrived via the Atomnation imprint, who has also invited a number of producers, including label head Applescal, to rework the Tonik Ensemble’s new single, “Until We Meet Again.” A spacious, moody endeavor in its original form, Applescal anchors the track’s billowing textures with the thud of a kick drum and light layers of percussion, while also generously manipulating and rearranging the tune’s vocals and placing the focus of the rework on a series of tenderly melodic synthlines. Applescal’s remix of “Until We Meet Again” can be downloaded below, and the rest of the Tonik Ensemble’s new single can be streamed after the jump.

Until We Meet Again (Applescal Remix)