Berlin-based artist Etienne Dauta releases music as Solune, Arcarsenal—alongside Alan Mathias—and Uqbar, as well as running Bass Cadet Records. Etienne’s most recent EP, Celestial Waves, falls under the latter moniker and presents a spacious mix of electro, techno, acid, and electronica.

Celestial Waves was released via Semper Memor IV as a vinyl-only release on 180g heavyweight vinyl on November 21. Alongside the three Uqbar originals will be a remix from Detroit’s Chris Mitchell who tweaks the title track into a late-night dancefloor workout.

As a follow up to the release, Dauta has passed over an ambient version of the EPs title track as today’s XLR8R download. With the beats stripped out, the track’s deep and dubby qualities are pushed front and center, rolling back and forth, like the title suggests, in waves.

You can pick up the track via WeTransfer below, with the full EP available here. Semper Memor has also shared a mix from Uqbar, which you can hear via the label’s SoundCloud page.

Celestial Waves (Ambient Version)