Today, Leeds-based imprint Permahigh dropped producer Lawrence Nash’s (a.k.a Us and It) six-track release titled The Bombs Of – INSERT HERE –. The mini-album is the youthful label’s second official release, an imprint which claims itself to be “too weird for the dance crowd, too dancey for the weird crowd.” Acting as a musical outlet from which Nash and his friends can draw inspiration from one-another, Permahigh is the type of untainted, smalltime, experimental, and refreshingly genuine label that inspires us to keep scouring the web in search of the next great sound.

To celebrate his new release, XLR8R is offering up one of the cuts from Us and It’s album, titled “We Are Not Afraid.” A disorienting melting pot of various musical influences, the track uses everything from African drums, big string orchestration, badman vocals, jazzy horn samples, and delicate piano arrangements, all wrapped together with a massive bassline and a crispy beat that doesn’t quit.

You can download the track in full below and be sure to check out more from Permahigh by heading to this promising new label’s SoundCloud page here.

We Are Not Afraid