Glasgow’s Soosh is prepping his second EP, SoFar (artwork above), for a March 19 release on Dutch imprint Fremdtunes. As one of the handful of remixes commissioned for the record, Jameszoo‘s take on “Us” pulses gloomily through a collision of vocal samples and clicking percussion that recalls the act of reloading a gun on your favorite videogame. That gun sound is no random fluke, as you can even hear a “fatal quack” sample from Duck Hunt interspersed in the remix’s brooding, downtempo beats. Check out the tracklist for SoFar, and preview each of its tunes, after the jump.

A1. Us
A2. Us (Jameszoo Remix)
A3. Us (Greenwood Sharps Remix)
B1. Everything you say
B2. Speechless
B3. Speechless (Kelpe Remix)

Us (Jameszoo Remix)