Kowton (pictured above) has proven to be one of Bristol’s most consistent producers as of late, with his solid run of collaborations—such as last week’s XLR8R Pick’d “End Point” b/w “Vapours” 12″ alongside Pev—positioning him as one of the year’s breakout artists. On this remix of Movement‘s “Us” single, Kowton proves he is just as dependable when working solo, refitting the Australian trio’s spooky, house-infused R&B cut into a much more mechanical shape and fortifying the track with a remarkably enhanced bottom end. Like most things Kowton touches lately, this remix is just plain dope, as it finds him successfully negotiating the subtlety of Movement’s original song with the potency of the Bristol upstart’s own sound for one particularly engrossing track.

Us (Kowton Remix)