Valentino Guerriero is a house music producer out of Italy whose deeply-rooted artistic ambitions have been constantly evolving over time. Guerriero started his career as a producer over five years ago when he began using his talents to create timeless sounding tracks that are layered with dreamy pads and unstoppable rhythmic loops, lending themselves to atmospheric moods. Growing up with a keen sensibility towards the music production process, Guerriero started off his music career right by infusing all of himself into his music production, creating tracks with a unique sound and a sleek and futuristic finish.

Recently, Guerriero made his return to Mik Santoro‘s Berlin-based Ampispazi Recordings with his latest EP, Tattoos of Cupid, which is backed up with two outstanding remixes from label favorites Mess Me and Ercos Blanka. The EP opens up with the title track, where Valentino showcases his productions prowess by creating an atmosphere very close to something you might hear from SBTRKT. In the background, you can hear two bass-lines that are merged, one rough and raw, the other one melodic, wobbly, and for the heart. On the flip-side, “Shadows” is a much harder cut compared to the opener, starting off with a beat that sounds closely related to italo-disco, and is instantly followed by a melancholic synth melody and a progressive bassline underneath. For today’s XLR8R download, Ercos Blanka, who knows the UK scene very well having released on Kerri Chandler’s MadTech, offers up his version of “Shadows.” Blanka perfectly recreates the nocturnal idea behind the title, mixing broken beats with sampled vocals and guitars, before the track drops into place with a superbly profound groove.

You can find out more about Tattoos of Cupid from Valentino Guerriero by visiting him here, and you can download the Ercos Blanka remix of the track “Shadows” by clicking on the media player below.

Shadows (Ercos Blanka Remix)