Hailing from Mexico City, prolific producer Alec Sander (who has in the past operated under the names La Royale, Yesco, and Moon Runner) will deliver the next record for Sanfuentes—the eponymous label of LA-based Cómeme affiliate Vicente Sanfuentes—under his Mijo alias. Due out on December 8, Mijo’s Economic EP is said to embody the Mexican club music ethos of “less is more,” offering four tracks of stripped-back techno with “no gimmicks, no flash.” A fine example of such is EP cut “Valet Parking,” which sees Mijo crafting an efficient but energetic production that laces its lively drum-machine stomp with playful bits of upfront synth tones and, of course, plenty of percussive odds and ends. Ahead of its release next month, Mijo’s forthcoming Economic EP can be previewed after the jump.

Valet Parking