If the above image wasn’t a dead give away, you’re in for a bit of a galactic voyage with this track from Italian duo Crimea X. “Varvara,” from the duo’s debut LP, Prospective, is a culmination of a number of vintage-tinged sensibilities. Sure, you’re likely to find a hint of Krautrock, a touch of ’80s synth-wave, and even the slightest whisper of ’90s house, but make no mistake, “Varvara” is not simply an homage to all things retro. Instead, it’s a contemporary slice of nu-disco, one in which constant arpeggios move in unison with a steady bass guitar and the driving force of a possibly live (more likely sampled) drummer, leaving ample room for Crimea X to throw one soaring melody after another into the fold. We’re not sure what news channel these guys have been watching lately, but it sounds like they’re preparing for a future where we’ll all be dancing in space. Let’s hope they’re on to something.