Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Fox (a.k.a Visuals) crafted his latest EP, Constant Desire, in Berlin in the wake of last year’s State Of Things—released via Berlin label thesongsays in March.

With the continued help of Darkside’s Dave Harrington and Louis McGuire (Ballet School / The Waves and Us.), Fox yields yet another release that confirms his position as one of the most exciting new producers in the game. On the album, Fox says he’s “moving through various styles of electronic music, [where] the songs weave together a dream-like impression of an accelerating, hyper-consumable time, fueled by the desire for human connection through the machines.” It’s not an easy task crafting an EP of varied styles and genres whilst also staying coherent, but Fox pulls it off with grace and understated confidence.

Constant Desire is out now on VISUALSMUSIC—you can grab it here—with EP cut “Waiting On A G” available as a free download via WeTransfer below.

Waiting On A G