Vivian Fantasy is the alias of Richmond, VA-based musician Danny Bozella. He makes kaleidoscopic bedroom pop that carries a fuzzy, dreamy, magnetic charm. Finding inspiration in the video game and animé soundtracks of his childhood, a teenage love for the alternative rock of the ’90s, and the ear-opening use of synthesizers by groups like The Flaming Lips and Boards of Canada, he’s been fusing a passion for the guitar with a fascination for electronic soundscapes since his late high school years.

His initial sonic experiments as a solo artist took shape as a student upon discovering his school’s computers had GarageBand, eventually bringing his sampler and four-track tape recorder into the library late-at-night to record his first solo songs. A few self-released albums have since made their way onto Bandcamp, many coming under his previous guise Chemists // 化学者. Often pieced together in an eclectic mixtape-style format, these recordings offered an early glimpse into his introspective sound, a gauzy and hypnotic blend of ambient, psych-pop, synth-pop, and shoegaze, all encased in warm atmospheric textures. He’s now set to make his official label debut on Seattle’s Hush Hush Records with Deep. Honey, which “takes this transportive sonic fusion to exciting new heights,” according to the label.

The EP features four original songs that display his expanding range, maturing pop sensibilities, and newfound confidence in using his own voice. The cassette tape and digital Bandcamp release will exclusively feature a remix from Athlete Whippet, the UK electronic production twisting psych-pop elements from two separate Vivian Fantasy songs through scintillating arpeggios and pulsating rhythms for an adventurous leftfield house jam.

Following the EP’s November 17 release, you can grab the adventurous interpretation via the WeTransfer button below.

Honey / Moon (Athlete Whippet’s Feel Good Mash)