Back in May, Private Persons release the debut EP from Kiev-based producer Dmitriy Avksentiev’s Voin Oruwu project, titled Big Space Adventure.

The album, an 11-track odyssey through icy ambience, bent downtempo, textural rhythm tracks, and deep, slow-burning techno, was inspired by “his own post-apocalyptic story,” which the album provides the soundtrack for. A visual thinker, Dmitriy infuses his music with engrossing cinematic qualities that engulf the listener with immense force and power. Take “Forest Theme,” for example, which evokes misty scenes of a rider galloping through snow-covered trees; or “Crisis In The Jungle,” a tense and foreboding track that beautifully disorientates with its alien-like sound design.  

Big Space Adventure is out now and can be picked up here, with “Crisis In The Jungle” available to download below.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.