Latvian producer W3C uses “online connectivity and access to wrangle all strains of electronic music and collide their respective particles into an unrecognizable, yet eerily inviting sonic edifices.” His sonic collages confront, confound, astound, and inspire in equal measure; quite simply, it’s music to move your body and mind.

W3C debuted earlier this year with the vinyl-only Atmospheric Entry EP on Pinch’s Tectonic-side-venture Cold Recordings and his latest, an EP titled State Of Absolute Alienation, will land on Infinite Machine on 12” and digital on February 24. All five tracks on the latest outing sit at the more brutal end of the sonic spectrum, they’re singular pieces of sonic artillery that reference grime, rave, and industrial, all the while keeping ahead of the curve.

Ahead of next month’s release, you can download closing cut, “Invasion” via WeTransfer below.