Last week, the impressive Palms Out label shared its latest release with the world, the Taking It All EP from globally-minded Los Angeles producer/DJ Samo Sound Boy. Samo’s tunes rely heavily on stuttering, tropical drums which ride high in the mix, although he does fill them out with squealing synths and/or cut-up vocal snippets. The EP also features a quality slate of up-and-coming remixers, including efforts from Brenmar, MelĂ©, and this take from LOL Boys. The original version of “Wacka Flocka” is a stormer, but the Montreal/Los Angeles duo has elected to tone down the percussive assault, giving the song some bounce and letting things breathe rather than simply pounding the dancefloor. The pair also has a some fun with the song’s repeated vocal sample and colors in the proceedings some mellow synths that float along in the background. It’s an effective approach, and one that puts an excellent spin on an already-quality track.

Wacka Flocka (LOL Boys Remix)