It really should come as no surprise that most anything coming down the pipeline from burgeoning UK producer Throwing Snow has no trouble getting our attention, but add to that the fact that the man has a collaborative EP in the works with London vocalist Py (due August 1, artwork above), and we’re pretty much hooked. Ahh, if only that was all to the story, then maybe we’d stop gushing, but the folks at Super have really put together a nice release here, tapping the talents of Lapalux, Rafferite, and PhOtOmachine to deliver three very different remixes of the EP’s lead track, “Wallow.” Here we have last remixer’s take, which dips the original track’s lush tones and sultry vocals into everything from floating pads, acid synths, and blistering drum machines to produce this tantalizing piece of future house.

Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow (PhOtOmachine’s Underground Haus Mix)

Wallow (PhOtOmachine’s Underground H