On April 13, Seattle’s Hush Hush Records will release Avenues and Remembrances, the debut collaborative effort from Brooklyn-based musician Christian Banks (a.k.a. Walrus Ghost) and Zurich-based guitarist Max Frankl.

The album was birthed following a chance meeting in New York in 2013 when Frankl answered an ad for an open room that Banks had posted. At the time, Banks was prepping his debut Walrus Ghost album, Uplifting Themes for the Naysayer. The idea of working together grew slowly from a mutual appreciation of each other’s music and the differentiation between their working methods—as Banks states: “he’s a proper instrumentalist and I’m more unconventional, everything for me is self-taught.”

After Frankl moved back to Zurich, the two stayed in touch, sending recordings and ideas back and forth, which would eventually take shape into a fully-realized eight-track mini-album. The fusion of the two disparate production styles has given way to a gorgeous and affecting collection of meditative post-rock cuts built from airy guitar lines, warm textures, cinematic atmospheres, and nostalgic field recordings.

In support of this week’s release, Hush Hush has offered up “Late Light” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

You can pre-order the album here.

Late Light