What happens when you mix the sound of the UK hip-hop with experimental glitch beats from Japan? Well, in this case, you get Kidsuke, the new collaborative project from the UK’s Kidkanevil and Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe (both of who have appeared in XLR8R‘s Downloads feed before). The two artists are set to release the product of their collaboration in the form of a self-titled album via Project Mooncircle on November 5, but before then, we have a track that didn’t make it on Kidsuke (artwork above). “Wanju” is a predominately atmospheric composition that sounds as if it could be the soundtrack to your Cartesian theater as you reminisce about early childhood memories. But if you’re looking for some more full-fledged jams from the pair, you can stream a preview of Kidsuke’s double-LP before it drops, after the jump.