One of the original indie hip-hoppers from the early days of Anticon, Alias, has announced the release of a new LP entitled Fever Dream, his first album since 2008’s Resurgam. It sure sounds like Alias has spent the time since soaking up some new musical influences, as “Wanna Let It Go” seems to signify a stylistic shift of sorts from his already established catalog. There are traces of LA’s beat scene nestled in the wobbly synths and side-chained pads, and even echoes of the current UK bass style in the chopped and pitched vocals, but this is no direct derivative of any particular artist or scene, just a seasoned producer evolving with the times—and tastefully at that. The artwork and tracklist for Fever Dream, which sees its release August 30, can be found after the jump.

1. Goinswimmin
2. Wanna Let It Go
3. Revi Is Divad
4. No Choice
5. Dahorses
6. Lady Lambin’
7. Talk In Technicolor
8. Feverdreamin
9. Boom Boom Boom
10. Tagine
11. Sugarpeeeee
12. Wrap

Wanna Let It Go