OK, let’s just get this out of the way. Patric Fallon is the Managing Editor at XLR8R, but after spending 40-plus hours a week cranking out content for this very website, the guy goes home and makes dark, electronic pop under the name Courtship. And although posting up this remix might be tripping everyone’s conflict-of-interest alarm, allow us to preface things by saying that Patric rarely even mentions his music around the office, and this track actually premiered yesterday over on FADER, which is where we spotted it. Now that the moral hand-holding has been taken care of, let’s talk about the music, specifically this remix of “Want Not” by UK producer Drop/Dead, who strips out Fallon’s vocals and twists what’s left into a somber piece of drum-heavy bass music. It’s taken from the just-released Eve Remixes EP, which also includes reworks from :papercutz, Albert Swarm, and Drifter (which we premiered last week). The entire EP is available for free download here.

Want Not (Drop_Dead Remix)