The gradual expansion of dance music’s global stage to include the third world has unarguably been a positive thing. From the challenging rhythms of kwaito to the insistent shake of cumbia, producers working in areas previously incommunicado finally have a voice. Of these places, South Africa has proven an especially fertile ground for new music, with a rich supply of regional styles and talented artists. One such talented individual is Jumping Back Slash, a South African producer whose music resides at the intersection of future garage, kwaito, and straightforward, old-school techno. After dropping a well-received 12″ on Pollinate (see the video for a-side “Kwai Sneakers” here), he’s now set to drop the third installment in their Nectah series. In anticipation of that release, he’s put on offer the infectious and danceable “Want (Your Touch).” Plundering liberally from the cannon of dance music, “Want (Your Touch)” sounds like a Mayday remix of skittering African garage, where chopped tribal vocals meet the stop, start, pause, reverse anti-flow of late-’80s Detroit.

Want (Your Touch)