Yesterday, Brooklyn’s Tri Angle label announced it will release the debut EP by New York-via-Kuwait resident Fatima Al Qadiri, who produces music under the name Ayshay (meaning “whatever” in Arabic). WARN-U will drop on September 26 with three tracks of the artist’s strange, vocal-driven music in addition to a “Megamix” by LA global bass duo Nguzunguzu. According to the press release, this remix is a part of the larger “Megamix,” which finishes out Ayshay’s record. The tune tweaks with the main vocal melody from “WARN-U” and overlays some clattering beat work that could rightly be an homage to Richard D. James’ AFX or The Tuss projects. In fact, the whole thing doesn’t sound terribly unlike fellow acid/jungle experimentalist Venetian Snares, which is an interesting addition to Nguzunguzu’s already expansive sound palette.

WARN-U (Nguzunguzu Remix)