The Tri Angle imprint is set to take us on yet another intense sonic adventure next month with the debut release of vocal sculptress Ayshay. The Senegalese-born, Kuwait-reared, and now New York-based artist aspires to reconfigure the “sacred” music of her international past, utilizing only her own voice—which does receives its fair share of manipulation and layering. “WARN-U,” the title track of Ayshay’s forthcoming EP, is a meditative exercise of sorts, one in which she re-pitches her own ghostly vocals up and down the sound spectrum to achieve a chorus of droning tones which seem to move in the kind of intricately methodical pattern that ultimately only makes true sense to its creator. The WARN-U EP, which comes with this tune, two other originals, and a remix from LA production outfit Nguzunguzu, is slated for release September 26.