It’s been nearly six years since Peter Bjorn and John released the inexorably catchy indie-pop hit “Young Folks,” and the song is literally still stuck in our heads. Now, PB&J drummer John Eriksson is venturing off alone as synth-based project Hortlax Cobra, and will be unveiling his debut LP, Night Shift, under that moniker next month. “Wasteland,” one of the album’s 10 tracks, is a sparse bit of electronic pop that features multiple layers of synths, intricate percussion, and soft vocals from Eriksson. Night Shift will be released on June 4 through the recently formed Ingrid imprint and artist collective, which, along with PB&J, counts Lykke Li and Miike Snow as members. You can find a streaming sample of Night Shift, along with its complete tracklisting and artwork, after the jump.

1. Berlin
2. Night Shift
3. Repeat Performance
4. Wasteland
5. Kiss of Death
6. Viva le Difference
7. Parking Lot
8. Shadows Sunlight
9. Last Call
10. Miami Elevator