Wax Stag is the solo alias of Rob Lee, an English producer and multi-instrumentalist who has served as a hired hand for an impressive list of musical endeavors over the years. Having released his debut LP as Wax Stag back in 2008, Lee is set to issue his second LP under the name later this month via the fledgling Old Habits label. With the simple title of II, the record is said to find Lee exploring his “infatuation with slower house tempos, dreamy synth sounds, and vintage style drums all awash with melody and hooks,” a description which seems fitting for the LP bonus cut offered here, “Ascension.” Spanning just under five minutes, the track is built on a steady drum machine pulse which keeps “Ascension” driving forward as playful melodic bursts engage in a bit of call and response before being absorbed by an array of elongated synth tones and arpeggiated melodies. Wax Stag’s “Ascension” production can be downloaded below before the UK artist’s new album lands on February 16.