It seems that the Super Nintendo stylings of Southern Californian patron of bit-crunched sound Groundislava has been updated for 2012. Producer Jasper Patterson’s latest work, which will soon appear on an EP and an album later this summer, features a more robust and refined aesthetic that sees him departing from 16-bit to, well, 32-bit. “Weekend in the Tropics” showcases this evolved approach with spindly reggae chords dappled over cowbell-accented drums and a bouncy little bassline that portrays a similar sentiment to any surving chillwavers. Taken from the upcoming TV Dream EP, the tune is undoubtedly lo-fi and comes from the same mindframe that crafted his previous efforts on Friends of Friends, but listen closely and you can hear a little more thump, a little more texture, and even a pop sensibility begin to come through. Look for Groundislava’s new five-track EP on June 26.

Weekend in the Tropics