Rupert Taylor has been consistently prolific over the years, with releases dating back to 2009 for a variety of labels. He’s tried his hand at garage, house, hardcore, and just about everything in between, but his latest as xxxy sees the producer exploring the retro American flavors of electro and acid house in rambunctious fashion. “Werk” tears out of the gate with a blisteringly uptempo beat that seems to have percussion coming at it from all directions in a cavalcade of shakers, hi-hats, and snares. Detuned pads and a pitched-down vocal urging the crowd to keep pace set the stage for a funky, head-bobbing bassline, cowbells, and shape-shifting, vocoded synths. The Bash EP will feature three new tracks from xxxy in addition to two remixes from French Fries and Isotonik, and is available this week on 12″ and digital formats from Halocyan. You can check out the record’s other two tunes, “Bash” and “Give in to You,” after the jump.