According to songwriter Mike Bones, most of the tracks on his sophomore album, A Fool For Everyone, “exist because of beautiful women and existential despair.” It follows then, that the album is a delicately constructed palate of acoustic guitars, string arrangements, and woeful lyrics about lost love. Then Gang Gang Dance’s Brian Degraw got ahold of the album’s single, “What I Have Left,” and gave it the experimental electronic touch his band is well known for. The track, along with additional remixes from Sian Alice Group and Silk Flowers, will be packaged up as a 7″ before the full album’s February 3 release date.

A Fool For Everyone
01 Today The World Is Worthy Of My Loathing
02 One Moment’s Peace
03 A Fool For Everyone
04 Like A Politician
05 I’m A Decent Man, I Kept Repeating
06 What I Have Left
07 Much More Than Love
08 Give Up On Guitars
09 Everyone Always Coming Down On Me

Mike Bones – What I Have Left (Brian Degraw Remix)