Donga‘s Well Rounded imprint has been staking claim to various strains of fast-paced, hybridized dance music over the past few years, releasing juke with Rashad and Distal in 2012 after spreading new forms of garage and house with Hackman and Deadboy. Boston native Wheez-ie is the latest to join the parade, preparing to drop a four-track 12″ of juke/jungle experiments that pull together disparate elements from across the Atlantic with a close attention to detail. “What U Want” is a non-release tune that showcases the producer’s tightrope approach to genre-blending, as it rips through filtered Amen breaks and a surging 808 pattern. Add a virulent acid bassline midway through the track, and what we’re presented with is a taut pairing of London and Chicago sounds that feels right at home on the Well Rounded roster. Wheez-ie’s new EP, Remember The Score, will be out on June 6 on vinyl and digital formats, but can be previewed now, after the jump.

What U Want