Party Guy Records wants to make sure everyone knows that not all low-end-dedicated club music comes from the UK, and it does so in spades on its latest release, a compilation of talented US producers called Future Sounds of North America (you can listen to it here and grab it for keeps here). Though his own production work doesn’t make it into the tracklist, Pacific Northwesterner and XLR8R-approved Bubblin’ tunesmith Cedaa was asked to give one of the compilation’s tracks a remix, and the juke-loving youngster delivered quite a doozy. His take on Clicks & Whistles‘ “When I Feel” more or less retains the same sonic palette of the original—overwhelming bass frequencies, a thinly sliced vocal sample, and a soothing din of a synth melody—within the re-work, but utilizes the sounds in a far more frantic way. Cedaa spends the whole time with his influences split between the music of UK nightclubs and Chi-Town’s underground footwork parties, though he never sounds divided. In fact, it seems more like the producer has found an untrodden path smack-dab between those well-traveled roads.

When I Feel (Cedaa Remix)