We first learned of Phoebe Kiddo‘s forthcoming Artefacts of Broken Dreams LP when the Berlin resident dropped word of it back in June along with her free, introductory EP, Tripping on the Wake of Goodbyes. Now, Kiddo has offered the first taste of her fast-approaching debut album with the ghostly “When the Soul Lies Down.” Steeped in atmosphere, the track buries itself under thick sheets of warbling chords; only the subtle skitter of its reverb-laden hats and claps and some brief bits of tasteful vocal adornments manage to rise above the tune’s soupy core. Kiddo’s Artefacts of Broken Dreams will see its official release on September 24 via the Anenon-helmed Non Projects label, but before the record drops, its artwork and tracklist can be peeped after the jump. (via Ad Hoc)

01 Jupiter Jazz
02 This Is How I Would Die
03 Chasing Dreams
04 Initiation
05 Into Solitude
06 When the Soul Lies Down
07 In All This Grace
08 I Tell You I’m Leaving
09 Half Hearts Must Be Forsaken
10 Inevitable Diaspora Of Clouds

When the Soul Lies Down