Here’s a novel endeavor: Start a club night, but instead of the usual promotional materials (DJ mixes, teaser videos, interviews, etc.), release a couple of tunes that feature your performing artists remixing each other’s work. That’s exactly what London’s Liminal Sounds—a party described as “a new night championing the myriad mutations of underground bass music, disregarding concepts of genre or scene”—came up with for its inaugural jump off, one half of which we’re sharing with you today. Opening act Elsewhere remixes “When You” by up-and-coming tunesmith and fellow performer Drop/Dead, crafting it into his own kind of bubbly, emotional, and low-end-centric club music. You can grab the other part of LS001, a Drop/Dead remix of “Cronos” by Throwing Snow, for free, here, and check out more details on the forthcoming Liminal Sounds party—which will feature sets from Throwing Snow, Ph0t0machine, Brey, and others—here.

When You (Elsewhere Remix)