Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but Ad Hoc, a new online source for underground/DIY music from the editors of the now-defunct Altered Zones, is finally up and running—an occasion which will soon be celebrated with the release of a compilation featuring unreleased gems from the likes of How to Dress Well, Grimes, Anenon, Laurel Halo, Blondes, Solar Bears, and Matthewdavid, among tons of others. Here, we have Pictureplane‘s exclusive contribution, “White Lightz.” Producer Travis Egedy’s bass-driven and trancey tune bursts with blown-out dance beats, cacophonous synths, and the artist’s hushed vocal work throughout its five-minute span. Keep on the lookout for the rest of Ad Hoc’s massive compilation (nearly 50 tracks!) to appear later this month over on its Bandcamp.

White Lightz