New Jersey-based DJ/producer Physical Therapy is set to return to Sinden’s ever-growing Grizzly imprint this week with whitelabel, a four-track EP which concludes with this rework from Toronto techno badman and one-time XLR8Rpodcast contributor Nautiluss (pictured above). The Canadian artist begins by injecting his remix with a darker tint, trading the Balearic-tinged chord stabs of the original production for an eerier mood. What follows is a brooding techno workout marked by exacted percussion, rolling bass, and splashes of dubwise vocal chops. In the end, “Whitelabel (Nautiluss Remix)” hardly resembles the original version, but we imagine it will still serve as a nice accompaniment to Physical Therapy’s upcoming EP when it officially drops this Friday, September 6.

Whitelabel (Nautiluss Remix)