We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the beat scene’s recent shift in focus toward melodic sounds, atmospheric worlds, and just downright pretty music. Teebs is one such producer waving that flag, and each track we’ve heard from the SoCal resident (not to mention the excellent podcast he did for us) has lifted him higher on the ever-extending totem of artists to watch from his hometown. Now, with the impending release of his debut full-length, Ardour (that’s the cover up top), on October 19 via Brainfeeder, Teebs is letting loose with some of his best work. “Why Like This?” comes from the tail end of Ardour and is easily one of the most straightforward numbers on the 18-track LP. A strong hip-hop beat carries Teebs’ production through analog synth melodies, the icy patter of falling change, unnameable textures in the distance, and eventually, what sounds like a live drum beat. Though the comparison may be redundant, “Why” reminds us of some of the mellower and simpler music from Flying Lotus’ early years. Take that as you will, but to us, it seems like Teebs is onto something here.

Why Like This_