Admittedly, if we keep posting material from Teen Daze we’ll probably run out of poorly Photoshopped images from the anonymous Canadian producer’s MySpace page to run with each story. But still, the more we hear, the clearer it becomes that this guy’s forte is melody above anything else. His beats are appropriate, though safe, and the production is relatively amateur, but damn, if Teen Daze doesn’t know how to tug at your heart strings with a host of memorably poignant melodies. For this remix of “Wide Eyes,” originally by new indie-rock favorites Local Natives, the music maker transforms the song’s guitar work into a thick bed of wafting, reverb-heavy synths, romantic melodies, and twinkling textures—creating a perfect mix between beautiful swirling ambience and ecstatic dancefloor rhythms.

Wide Eyes (Teen Daze Remix)